'To Go Alone' - Playthrough
'Kuko' - Original To Go Alone soundtrack

To Go Alone

Audio producer | Music Composer | Co-ideator
Production time: 48 hours  (Jan 2015)

Short experience / videogame. Look for your loved one in the forrest using the stars to guide you. A mystery uncovers in an atmospheric and heartfelt story.


Developed for the Global Game Jam (January, 2015). Based on the theme: "What do we do now?".










My Contributions


  • 3 Original compositions for menu and in-game soundtracks.

  • Sound design, recording & mixing.

  • Concept contributions and moderation of team ideation sessions.


What I learned


  • Using an evolving musical idea to communicate character development and enrich the narrative.

  • Using minimalistic musical arrangements to deliver strong emotional connection.





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