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'Space Iron' - Playthrough

Space Iron

Audio producer | Music Composer | Co-ideator
Production time: 72 hours  (Dec 2014)

Casual 8-bit videogame; a space shooter that takes place in a single screen using fast action and pumping music.


Developed for the Ludum Dare game jam (December, 2014). Based on the theme: "Entire game on one screen".






My Contributions


  • Composition of menu and in-game soundtracks.

  • Sound, design, recording & mixing.

  • Development ideas and moderation of team ideation sessions.


What I learned


  • Time management in short creative projects.

  • Fast game ideation and prototyping.

  • Lean musical composition and production.

  • Composing music and sound editing for 8-bit games.




'Space Iron' - Original soundtrack