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Production time: 6 weeks (Oct-Nov 2014)

Dialog selection and delivery in video games sometimes is perceived as unnatural. Via user-test research, the team (Realtalk) experimented with a new dialog mechanic for videogames. This mechanic adapted an ‘emotional valence chart’ to control dialog selection.










My Contributions


  • Contribute to co-ordinate brainstorming sessions.

  • Oversee project tasks and completion status.

  • Project and research documentation.

  • Dialog theory and visual language research.

  • Sound recording and voice actor direction.

  • Sound editing & mixing.


What I learned


  • Planning a project scope to guarantee main objectives while managing obvious time constraints.

  • Prioritization of tasks to maximize execution.

  • Balancing work hours and ensuring alignment of team members.

  • Testing assumptions in videogames by using AB-testing.

  • Basic video game dialog trees.

  • Different uses of dialog in interactive experiences.





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