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Process awarded with the “Seal of Best Practices in Innovation”, granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and the ICONTEC.


Innovation Projects Manager  |  Business Manager
Development time: 16 Months  (Mar 2013 - Jul 2014)

NOVA is CIEL‘s Innovation Management System. The project consisted in establishing and supervising its organizational components. The aim was to potentiate an innovation culture that could foster new technological developments.










My Contributions


  • Leading the company’s innovation plan.

  • Establishing the company’s innovation structures: innovation committees and development teams.

  • Co-creating and coordinating the company’s innovation pipeline.

  • Documenting, potentiating and filtering innovation projects.

  • Coordinating internal communicational processes.

  • "Innovation training" for the company’s personnel.

  • Coordinating open innovation processes with suppliers and governmental institutions.


What I learned


  • To establish organizational structures that promote creativity and internal endeavours.

  • Diverse ideation methods.

  • Drive organizational change by encouraging personnel.

  • Guide ideators and align them to corporate objectives.

  • Facilitating collaborative and multidisciplinary projects.

  • R&D processes for technology companies.

  • Documenting industry and innovation projects.



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