Producer & Manager

Guaranteeing the authenticity of football assets and club referencing.

Role: Assistant Producer
Beast Brawlers
Producing a unique online battle multiplayer for mobile and leading a cross-functional team.

Role: Associate Producer
C4 Studio
A prototyping tool that allows designers to animate their designs and easily hand-off code.

Role: Project Manager | UX Researcher
A game that makes full use of the physical interface of the 'Play Station Vita'.

Role: Project Manager | Audio producer
Modular Kiosc
A self service Kiosc that involves hardware and software innovation development.

Role: Project Manager | Producer | Co-ideator | Marketing
Developing an Innovation Management System for a technology company.

Role: Innovation Projects Manager | Business Manager
Researching a new dialog mechanic for games.

Role: Manager | Researcher | Audio production
Coca-cola's P.O.P. Calendar
Developing one of the brand's most iconic advertising materials.

Role: Marketing | P.O.P. coordinator
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