1. Conceptualization of a tool for animating ad-boards
2. First iteration of the end-state animation tool: C4 Studio
3. Alpha testing sessions for C4studio helped us make a better product
Interactive installation, powered by C4. C4 is the in-house language that facilitated the creation of C4 Studio

C4 Studio & C4

Project Manager | UX Researcher
Development time: 6 Months  (Sep 2015 - Apr 2016)

The design and development processes for mobile apps seem to be quite disjointed. Interaction artists and developers spend high amounts of resources developing new apps and prototyping tools do not provide designers the capacity to experiment with interface interaction and human gestures. Artists face the bottleneck of relying on developers to mock-up any test interactions. 


Our dev team devised C4 Studio! A cutting-edge creativity tool that helps designers focus on the interactions that emerge during app design. It lets them see the effect of animations and interaction in real-time on a native device. It bridges the gap between design and developer by generating native code that can be directly incorporated into larger more complex projects.  

Note: C4 Studio has recently become Flow, which works in tandem with Sketch, another renown design tool. 


My Contributions


  • Sprint coordination for the production team.

  • Managing project milestones

  • Epics design and coordination of  ideation sessions. 

  • Created user testing methodologies and interaction analysis.

  • Provided key technological research and market analysis of competing tools.

  • Created marketing material for online promotion.


What I learned


  • Increasing efficiencies in the workflow between developers and designers during app development. 

  • UX design for design tools.

  • How to create software intended for tech users.

  • Best practices for mobile development.


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