'Blanket' trailer (original soundtrack)
'Nina' - Original Blanket soundtrack


Project Manager | Audio producer | Music Composer
Production time: 14 weeks  (Jan-Apr 2015)

Ideate and prototype several game concepts for the PlayStation Vita while taking advantage of its unique physical interface



A survival/stealth videogame called “Blanket”: a  concept that focuses on a little girl hiding under a blanket while avoiding monsters at night. 


The rear touch panel of the PS Vita would be swiped to close the character's blanket, mimicking the intuitive action of opening/closing a curtain.


The team received mentorship and support from Mr. Takeshi Asano (Business Operation Department from Sony Computer Entertainment).



My Contributions


  • Project Development: Sprint planning during different phases of the project.

  • Organization of the ideation pipeline.

  • User-test analysis and documentation. 

  • Project Documentation.

  • Composition of music themes and soundtracks.

  • Sound, design, recording & mixing.


What I learned


  • Facilitating an environment for ideation.

  • Coordinating fast prototyping and production sprints.

  • Understanding the dynamics of small multidisciplinary teams.

  • Ideating game mechanics that appeal to human emotions.

  • Using story-telling elements for a compelling game experience.

  • Using music and audio for atmosphere enhancement.

  • Collaboration with culturally diverse clients, mentors and teammates.





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